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Seneca: a textual matter (2 April – 2 July 2004)

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The Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence and the National Committee for the celebrations in honour of the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Lucius Annaeus Seneca organize an exhibition on the great philosopher and tragedian born in Cordoba around the beginning of the 1st century a.D. who committed suicide in Rome in 65 a.D. The exhibition aims at illustrating also to non specialists the importance of Seneca as a man and as an author whose works both reflect the drama and contradictions of his time and have been handed down from Antiquity to the end of the fifteenth century in a large quantity of manuscripts and printed books, in Latin and in Vernacular translation. The manuscripts on show (around 90) belong in part to the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana and in part to many prestigious Italian and foreign libraries – e.g. the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale and the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence, the Archivo de la Corona de Aragón in Barcelona, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Stiftsbibliothek in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and the Vatican Library – which have all lent them for the occasion. An interactive synthesis of the exhibition is accessible from the Library’s website.

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